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Pore Mini Cleanser


Pure radiance with the latest innovative easy to use hand-size face brush.

Specially designed for Charlotte Lacroix's Gentle Cleanser to deeply and faster penetrate the skin pores, by improving the absorption of the skin care products and delivering a visibly softer, brighter and more radiant skin.

A waterproof smart device, good for any skin types.


How it works

Key ingredients

The Pore Mini Cleanser is made of body-safe silicon.

Two brush sizes to allow you to control the level of the vibration intensity on your skin and help the cleanser to penetrate the skin even better.

No batteries needed. The brush is a fast USB charging system.

It has up to 8,000 pulsations per minute therefore after usage there will be no makeup or dirt residues left.

Soft, water-proofed and curved the Pore Mini Cleanser is your ultimate perfect skin cleaning tool.

Natural ingredients

Natural ingredients help optimize your skin regeneration. That's why the Gentle Cleanser Gel associated to this Pore Mini Cleanser is formulated with natural ingredients. Naturally better for you.

The revolutionary Pore Mini Cleanser is designed to be used with the Gentle Cleanser Gel on a wet skin.

How to get the most out of it

Wet the Pore mini cleanser with cool water and apply twice a day on your skin.

Follow the T-zone and focus on the forehead with the thicker brush, while using the thinner brush for the sensible zones (eyes, around the lips).