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Stop paying huge markups on high-end skincare
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Our Story

The new face of skin care


Premium skin care products for the urban woman

Charlotte Lacroix is the embodiment of the Parisian woman: active, elegant and memorable.

But living in a big city means your skin is constantly attacked by harmful elements of the surrounding environment (dust, wind).

That’s why we have developed a unique line of products formulated with natural ingredients that protect your skin against these threats.


We strive to deliver effective and high perfomance products

We have worked with the most advanced research laboratories and hundreds of active women to create a product range that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our formulas are compatibles with the most sensitive skin (S.L.S and S.L.E.S free) and really work. We are also proud to say that all our products are earth-minded, not tested on animals and suitable for vegetarians.

In our journey for ultimate beauty and eternal youth, we have discovered the very unique properties of stem cells. Stem cells are essential for skin regeneration. They also help preserve the natural contours of your face, improve general appearance and even out your skin tone.


Based on science and revolutionizing technology

We use unique, natural ingredients that have miraculous regenerating properties for the skin.

Our plant-based skin care products are free of artificial ingredients that can lead to allergic reactions and breakouts. We only use simple, effective formulas and produce small-batches to maintain freshness and quality..

Our Daily Defense line is designed using red tea extract derived from the Rooibos plant. This plant is exclusively grown in a small mountainous region of South Africa. Scientific studies show Red Tea contains many anti-oxidants that increase cells longevity, slow down the onset of aging and improve the skin elasticity.

For our Micro-Sculpting line, we are using the latest technology of argan stem cells. Argan stem cells are key in skin regeneration and very efficient to protect and improve the youthful appearance and skin tone.

Our product accelerate the natural repair process to fight the chronological aging of skin.

“To me, beauty is all about feeling
comfortable in your own skin.”

Charlotte Lacroix