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We know what you’ll eat this autumn!

Charlotte Lacroix’s Blog

Everything you need to know

September 14th, 2016

We know what you’ll eat this autumn!

Hi beautiful,

Who said that only on spring you can take advantage of detox and refresh your beauty? Keep your organism health, energy and beauty at max in autumn, as well! The fruits of this season will do the job for you. Your only duty is to eat as many as you can!

If you think about detox, dedicate an entire day to only one type of fruit. This way you’ll clean your small intestine and your colon of residues and toxins. It’s better if you choose fresh fruits that you can eat unpeeled, because most of the vitamins are in the peel. Start the day with a freshly squeezed juice made of any of the autumn fruits, mixed with some carrots or celery juice.

Here’s a list with some fresh fruits you should eat this autumn:


Besides of lowering the cholesterol level and fighting against the autumn asthenia and insomnia, apples have only 80 calories, being the diet favorite fruit. When it comes to beauty, they’re still on top. The alpha-hydroxy acids included work on exfoliating and refreshing your epidermis and the pectin provide a more firm structure of the skin. Also, mixed with honey and applied on the face, they will lighten and hydrate the complexion and make the fine lines disappear. Mixed with potatoes, they have a calming effect on puffy eyes.


Excellent sources of antioxidants, fruits with diuretic, laxative and sedative properties, pears are a perfect choice for a healthy diet. Besides, if you apply a few slices on your face, they’ll hydrate and revitalize the texture of your skin.


Rich in C vitamin, grapes are powerful antioxidants which boost your energy level, improve your kidneys activity and make your skin glow. The grapes oil is extremely hydrating for you dry and irritated skin. More, grapes fight against wrinkles and acne and keep your skin young. Did you know that fresh grapes juice is a very efficient make-up remover for any type of skin?


Extremely rich in vitamins, quinces are considered stress relief fruits and help you to lose weight. In your beauty routine, they’re perfect for oily skin. A home-made mask with quinces and talc powder will remove any sebum excess and leave your skin soft and clean. Rinse with mineral water for a maximum effect.


They are sweet (and tasty), real sources of energy which help you fight against toxins or any sign of asthenia. And if you eat dry plums for 5 days, the diet will work as a detox factor for your skin. In your beauty routine, a mix of smashed plums, almond oil and rose water will make miracles on your skin, giving it that glowing and velvety look. 


With love,