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The secrets of a glowing complexion

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September 5th, 2016

The secrets of a glowing complexion

Hi beautiful,

Where there’s a will there’s a way and when beauty becomes synonym with youth and youth with the glow, you need to focus on getting that glow for yourself.

Because nowadays, when it comes to beauty, the red lipstick, the long lashes or the symmetric eyebrows are not enough anymore to develop perfection. Young and fresh are actually the keywords for a sublime face. So you need to get rid immediately of heavy makeup and dark spots, to take advantage of technology and high-end formulas in order to minimize the skin pores and get that glowing look that you deserve.

White on…

…tan off. Dark skin is not what it used to be a few years ago. That sun tanned skin sexiness is long gone and replaced by a natural white glowing complexion. That’s why, after the summer, in all the following “R” months, I recommend you to use whitening cosmetic products and therapies that will make your skin shine again: the C vitamin is that magic ingredient that will infuse your skin with light.

You can start to gently exfoliate your skin using a cleansing lotion. For an even better result, apply it using the ultimate perfect skin cleaning tool - the Pore Mini Cleanser from Charlotte Lacroix which, thanks to its design and various functionalities, gently removes dead skin cells, dirt located in the skin pores and any makeup residue. This way, it enhances the absorption of skincare products and delivers a visibly softer, brighter and more radiant skin.

After exfoliating and illuminating with C Vitamin formulas, any dark spots mark will be removed, the freckles will lose their intensity and you will gain a fresh, radiant skin.

Light effects

The Rembrandt lighting technique is used in the beauty industry through makeup products like illuminators, correctors and glow intensifiers. Easy as that! These products are meant to minimize the pores and the wrinkles, to smooth the skin and to borrow it the special dose of light, generating that porcelain skin effect.

Even the dark circles have a remedy. You won’t let them ruin your glow, so fight them with laser or with eye illuminating formulas! The Renewal Eye Cream from the Argan Stem Cells Collection of Charlotte Lacroix uses Prodizia - an active ingredient against dark circles - and has visible results, reducing the signs of fatigue: under eye bags, dull complexion, and drawn features.

And last but not least, use illuminating concealers for an immediate lightning effect.


With love,