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The ageless beauty… how to get it and how to keep it

Charlotte Lacroix’s Blog

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September 12th, 2016

The ageless beauty… how to get it and how to keep it

“Hello, Lady! You look beautiful today!

This is the kind of “good morning” you would like to wake up with every day, for the rest of your life, isn’t it? And believe me, it’s not difficult to get it.

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”, Lavoisier dixit. That’s the naked truth and if you want to keep your beauty beautifully transformed for every age, you need to follow a few essential steps in your skin care routine, for each decade.

The 20’s youth glow

Now is the time of your life! Your skin looks fabulous, radiant and you wouldn’t actually do anything than make-up…because you think you have it all. Actually, this would be the worst approach. The anti-aging routine begins between the 20’s and the 30’s. Besides, a beauty care routine for your skin type will emphasize the youth of your complexion.

Use SPF and try to stay away from the sun as much as you can. This way you’ll prevent wrinkles and dark spots. And if you want to have a smooth complexion, use a BB or a CC Cream. You can try our CC Cream Light from the Red Tea Collection that will moisturize, correct, soothe, protect and make your skin look perfect.

The 30’s complexion

This is the decade when the skin imperfections will come from nowhere and make you feel impatient to hide them. Dark spots, visible pores, fine wrinkles …these are the news of the moment. But you can change them if you start to use products that will stimulate the cellular renewal. Our Argan Stem Cells Collection is responsible for this. Choose a beauty program adapted to your skin type and don’t think it’s too early to start. Your own skin will show you the way.

The 40’s mature skin

Even if you’re on the apogee of your womanhood and the self-confidence rules, your skin stops to produce as much elastin and collagen as before. So, the exfoliation process and the anti-aging skincare line are not an option anymore, but a must. The age defense depends now on masks, serums, eye creams and so on.

If you want to go for the heavy artillery, you can try the laser peeling, botox or different fillers that will make your skin look a few years younger in a short time.

The 50’s beauty challenge

Your hormones get crazy, the estrogen decreases and these aspects reflect on your skin which will start to look dry and thin. But the good news is that if you have followed all the beauty routine steps above on your other decades, nobody will notice your real age now. Even though, start using the most advanced anti-aging formulas and come back to the most moisturizing formulas from your 20’s. Your skin is now thirstier than ever. 

These being said and done, be sure you can get the maximum from your every age and have the world at your feet and the sun above your head.


With love,