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The 7 deadly sins of beauty

Charlotte Lacroix’s Blog

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September 2nd, 2016

The 7 deadly sins of beauty

Hi beautiful,

The eyes see what the heart wants and we, beautiful sinners, act accordingly without thinking too much. They say we’re born sinners but, in our urge to gain the supreme look, who can judge the means when the purpose is so high?

Well, actually we should be very careful in our beauty rush because its sins are so dangerous that we won’t even get to the doomsday to get punished. You’d better follow the right path if you want to still wear your beauty halo! So, keep yourself away of these 7 sins…

1. The obsessive DESIRE to be on trend

Oh, those Goddesses on the catwalk can blow anybody’s mind, so, even yours! You would definitely try to look alike but in your impetuous try to recreate that grunge makeup with wet smoky eyes, glitter on the cheeks and dark lips, instead of getting fashionable you might end up only getting dirty. Unless you are a make-up artist… Our advice is to take the make-up trends easy and to adapt them to your face.

2. The EXCESS of fragrance

Smelling like a perfumery and not like a perfume can’t be good. Don’t be greedy when you use your favorite scent. If you don’t feel it anymore, flirt with other scents as well. In beauty, this is not a sin. With only a drop of a good one, you’ll be noticed from a distance. Too much is more than enough this time. Apply perfume responsibly!

3. The GREED to reshape the eyebrows

Don’t let yourself fascinated by the eyebrow shaping tutorials. Or, at least, don’t try this at home! Eyebrows are, maybe, the most important expression elements on your face. Don’t make them look too thin, asymmetric and even inappropriate for you face…because this is what is going to happen if you become too obsessed on reshaping them. Let the eyebrow specialist do his job every two weeks. You don’t need to interfere. Only emergency situations allowed!

4. The VANITY to keep your hair excessively long

Rapunzel might be a nice princess but she’s definitely not a stylish lady. A long hair is beautiful as long as it looks healthy and shiny. In order to get this look, you need to create a beauty routine for your hair. A strong connection with a hairstylist will help. Visit him once a month and let him cut at least 0,5 inches of your hair. It won’t hurt!

5. The ENVY that makes you imitate

Every woman likes Angelina’s lips, Sophia Loren’s cheeks, Miranda Kerr’s eyebrows and others Hollywood stars features. Actually, you would like to be created from a mix of them, wouldn’t you? That perfect mix of features which will make you the perfect woman…and, in the same time, will create confusion. Because it’s only one Angelina and only one you. So don’t imitate, just be yourself!

6. The LAZINESS to take care of your skin

Your beauty is a gift from God but you need to keep it by taking care of it. If you “forget” to remove your make-up because you are too tired or too lazy or if you skip moisturizing in the morning because you are in a hurry, these are really deadly sins that will leave marks on your complexion.

7. The ANGER that makes you bite your nails

Nail-biting or onychophagia is a common stress-relieving habit. This might help for your psychic but it will damage your beauty…and your health. Besides ruining your manicure, you can get some viruses or bacteria because nails are the easiest way to transport microbes inside your body. If you can’t give up on this capital sin, try some acrylic nails for a while. Once the habit is defeated, the sin is forgiven and forgotten.


With love,