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Serum, the essence of a beautiful skin. User guide.

Charlotte Lacroix’s Blog

Everything you need to know

September 22nd, 2016

Serum, the essence of a beautiful skin. User guide.

Hi beautiful,

Let’s talk about serums! How do they act on your skin? Why use them, if you’re already using creams? How to choose the right one, regarding your age and your skin type? When and how to apply them?

If you’ll find out the answers to these questions, you’ll understand why it is so necessary to include serums in your daily skin care routine.

Serums really are a high-tech beauty tool because they treat your complexion, in a simple touch, with all the good ingredients it needs to look young and soft.

What is a serum?

The serum is a magical essence made of active ingredients like vitamins, hyaluronic acid, antioxidant agents, peptides – which fight against wrinkles and humectants that prevent loss of moisture thereby retaining the natural moisture of the skin. Because of their tiny molecules encapsulated in very concentrated formulas with extremely fluid textures, serums are very easily absorbed by your skin, this way better stimulating the cellular renewal. There are more types of serums that you can use for different approaches. Some of them combine age-defying agents with firming formulas.

For example, Firming Face Serum from Charlotte Lacroix Argan Stem Cells Collection combines three main agents that enable the skin to be revitalized, protected and tightened: PhytoCell Tec Argan - the first active ingredient with a proven protective effect on real dermal stem cells, Matrixyl Synthe'6 ® - a powerful anti–wrinkle peptide and DermCom – an 100% natural Active ingredient that supports cell-to-cell communication, all enriched with vitamin E and soothing ingredients. The results of this formula: a visibly firmer skin, reduced wrinkles, a more even skin tone, a deep-seated rejuvenation of the skin and a protected face skin.

Other serums contain exfoliating agents or natural antioxidants that minimize fine lines and stimulate the skin to produce more collagen. The Red Tea Serum from Charlotte Lacroix, derived from the Rooibos plant which drastically inhibits the oxidation of skin cells, is a complete formula that deeply activates and increases the cells skin energy and longevity. Your complexion will be soothed and nourished while wrinkles and fine lines will be reduced.

And there are other serums that deeply moisturize the skin, infuse it with light, heal rosacea problems and reduce the appearance of dark circles and periorbital puffiness.

The serum and the age

Before 30 years old, the serum might not be mandatory. But if you still want to take advantage of its benefits, and keep your skin young, use it in boosting programs, maximum twice a week.

When you get to the age of 30+, you can start using it on a daily basis.

The serum and the skin type

There are two categories of face serums: oil emulsion in water - responsible for intense moisturizing of dry skin, and water-based emulsion in oil – lipid emulsion with plenty of nutrients which stop aging process.

How to use serum

You can apply serum in the morning and in the evening, before applying the day cream or the night cream. Why before the cream? Because the cream molecules, which are bigger than the serum molecules, could block the serum access into the skin. For day use, the moisturizing serums or the mattifying formulas for oily skin are the perfect ones. For the night, use a lipid formula, with 70% nutritive ingredients.

Pour a few serum drops in your hand and let them get to your body temperature in order to become more compatible with your complexion. Then start massaging your face firmly in order to break the transporting molecules and to inject the nutrients deeply into your skin. The tiny molecules from the serum will heal your skin from inside out. Continue with your usual beauty routine. Your skin will love the feeling and you will see this on your face!

 With love,