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#beautyfood. Check the menu and enjoy your beauty meal!

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September 21st, 2016

#beautyfood. Check the menu and enjoy your beauty meal!

Hi beautiful,

You are what you eat. Yes, I mean it! There are certain fruits and vegetables which, if you will be so kind to include them in your daily meals, they’ll reward you by taking care of your skin.

Nature is offering you so many options. You only need to pick your favorite dishes made of these delicious ingredients from your beauty food bar and let them spoil your taste buds…and your skin.

Beauty food menu

Carrots – sweet taste with extra A vitamin, they are an anti-aging ingredient.

Citric – lemons, oranges, and grapefruit help the organism to produce collagen and soften the skin.

Garlic – a natural antibiotic used in many dishes for its intense flavor, it heals damaged skin and fights wrinkles.

Yogurt – a perfect digestive rich in probiotics, it helps the immune system and it hydrates and invigorates any skin type.
Tomatoes – the most desired species in the vegetable menu, they have enough A and C vitamins and potassium to be able to make your skin look gorgeous.

Sweet potatoes – no matter how you cook them, their rich dose of A vitamin included is a powerful anti-aging weapon.

Asparagus – used in many diet dishes on the side, the asparagus contains E vitamin and this way it prevents wrinkles to show up on your face.

Nuts – a tasty snack rich in B vitamins, a good help for dry skin.

Avocado – its monounsaturated fats are perfect for your skin. But don’t eat too much! Avocado is considered a hyper caloric fruit.

Fish – salmon, tuna and sardines and their omega 3 elements are a blessing for your beauty. And you can serve them in so many different ways.

Almonds – an excellent source of fat acids, E vitamin, and selenium, this snack keep your skin soft and young.

Mushrooms – their anti-aging compounds help the cellular metabolism of your skin.

Seafood – this aphrodisiac option is good for the skin, as well. The acids and zinc inside them make you skin look even more beautiful and prevent dehydration.  

Goji berries – these miracle fruits contain an impressive dose of fat acids, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, increasing the collagen production of your skin and even regenerating the DNA structure.

Broccoli – this vegetable, rich in folic acid, fibers and beta-carotene will make your skin glow.


With love,