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Beauty comes from East: 5 oriental tricks for eternal beauty!

Charlotte Lacroix’s Blog

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September 20th, 2016

Beauty comes from East: 5 oriental tricks for eternal beauty!

Hi beautiful,

The Asian youth is well known all over the world. Who wouldn’t want their eastern genes to prove there’s nothing wrong with the pass of time and with the age? Actually, their lifestyle is responsible for their young appearance. They use milk, tea tree oil, pearls powder, cinnamon and sea salt to emphasize their beauty.

But oriental beauty starts from the inside to outside. Asian people’s diet is rich in ingredients that keep the skin beautiful, like honey, cherries, rice, cucumbers, avocado, Chinese mushrooms – which slow down the aging process and keep the level of elastin high, white tea, green tea and oolong tea – with anti-aging properties, ginseng – which gives energy, reduces stress and keeps the beauty of your body up.

When it comes to outside beauty rituals, the Asians use elements from nature in order to stop the time. Here are just a few of them:

Tea tree oil

Extracted from the tea tree nuts, this oil makes miracles on your skin. It is used for a deep level of hydration but also for fading the stretch marks. Apply it after the shower, when your skin is soft and its pores are ready to absorb it.

Pearls powder

An element rich in amino acids which are very efficient exfoliating agents, the pearls powder has its beauty history. Used for beauty rituals in Asia, from thousands years, it is an undeniable mix in beauty masks, for its refreshing and calming effects. So, why not mixing it with egg yolk and apply it on your face for a never-ending beauty look?

Sea salt

Here’s a good way to fight and win against toxins in your body. Use sea salt for exfoliation or pour it in your bath tub water and I guarantee you a glowing skin.


It smells good but did you know that it is a delicate exfoliating agent and a nourishing element for the skin? Mix some cinnamon powder with honey and massage your body. Your skin will love the feeling!

 Milk bath

Not only Cleopatra was addicted to this ritual. In Indonesia, it is a regular treat for hydrating the skin. And you can apply it to yourself, as well. Pour some fresh milk or even powder milk in your bath tub water and relax there for 20 minutes. Don’t you just love to be spoiled in the Oriental way?


 With love,