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Vitamin E, the youth elixir you have ever wanted!

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October 18th, 2016

Vitamin E, the youth elixir you have ever wanted!

Hi beautiful,

There’s no secret that we’re permanently searching for any beauty treats that can make us look and feel younger.

And the older we get, the more beauty treats we search for. If we only knew that what we’ve ever wanted was right in front of us... Easy to find, easy to use and not expensive at all, this magic youth elixir is called vitamin E. Here are the reasons why it should be the essential ingredient in your skin care ritual:

The power capsule for a young complexion

When mixed with Vitamin C or coenzyme Q10 it becomes a real anti-aging weapon. The vitamin E has this special power to neutralize the free radicals, thus preventing premature aging and even cancer. You only have to buy some capsules, break them and apply the oily vitamin E all over your face. Your fine lines will fade away and there’s no way for other wrinkles to attack you. You can also include it in face masks or you can use vitamin E based cosmetics. For example, the Firming Face Serum from Charlotte Lacroix Argan Stem Cells Collection is enriched with vitamin E and has the main result a visibly firmer skin, plus reduced wrinkles, a deep-seated rejuvenation of the skin and a protected complexion.

A rich nourishing and moisturizing element

If your skin type is dry and sensitive, you can rely on vitamin E! It gets deeply into your skin and keeps it moisturized while calming all the irritations, redness or tickling sensations. 

The healing agent for sunburned skin

If you are that sun thirsty kind of girl, vitamin E is a must have in your beauty kit. It helps your skin to recover faster after endless sun exposure and removes the side effects like redness, exfoliation or tickling. Just massage your face with a few drops of vitamin E and you’ll feel better.

The scars eraser

It sounds like a Terminator but it’s actually more like a smooth criminal for scars and dark spots. If you’ll use it daily, after a while, they’ll all disappear for life.

User guide


There are a few efficient ways to use vitamin E in your skin care routine:

a) Makeup remover

Exactly! Use it to clean your complexion. It is so powerful that it can erase any resistant makeup product. So break a capsule and use the concentrated serum. Just like that!

b) Mix it with vegetable oils!

This would be a perfect combination for dry, dehydrated skin. Apply this mixture on your face and go to sleep. The next morning, clean your complexion with micellar water and you’ll see and feel the smooth results.

c) Energy booster

…for your complexion. If the mirror shows you a tired face with a dull skin, don’t break it! Just make a change to your look. Start with a 10 minutes face massage, in circular motion, with oily vitamin E. You’ll see the difference!

d) Mix it with natural ingredients!

The vitamin E is a team work lover. So, if you’ll mix it with honey, egg yolk, milk or aloe vera, you’ll get the best of it for any skin disorder. Just trust in its efficiency and versatility and you’ll keep your skin glowing and healthy.


With love,