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BB Cream & CC Cream Team: The benefits of the new generation cosmetics

Charlotte Lacroix’s Blog

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October 13th, 2016

BB Cream & CC Cream Team: The benefits of the new generation cosmetics

Hi beautiful,

The cosmetic industry fights for your rights! And there’s nothing new that it is trying the best ways to mix skin care with makeup in order to invent that perfect cosmetic product which, applied in an instant, will both, care and improve the aspect of your complexion. 

Just like that: easy to use and very efficient. And the first step was made with the creation of the BB Cream and CC Cream, which made a revolution in the beauty field!

One of the most comfortable cosmetic products became the summer essential for women. But it is perfect for the cold season, as well. The only thing you need to do is to find the one that works perfectly on your skin type.

Identifying the right cosmetics for the skin type is a challenge to anyone. But if you follow some good advice, your mission will become much easier. It is important for you to know when you choose a tinted moisturizer that BB Creams are usually made for dry and mature skin and CC Cream formulas are more appropriate to oily and sensitive skin types or for those with acne problems.

Still, there are some BB and CC Creams which can be used on any type of complexion, with a high tolerance level on the skin and with a good coverage due to its active ingredients which treat and improve the skin texture. The CC Cream from Charlotte Lacroix Red Tea Collection is the new generation of 5-benefits in one cream that moisturizes, corrects, soothes, protects and perfects your skin, coming in 2 shades: Light or Medium. This CC Cream combines a few ingredients that help your skin have the perfect matching tone and be irreproachable all day long: Shea Butter - a rich source of antioxidants that help the skin inhibits the oxidization of skin cells, which in turn, prevents free radicals from overwhelming the cells; Rosemary & Chamomile Extract - which reduces any inflammation the skin may have, calms down the muscle and therefore eliminates signs of fatigue. 

The reason why you should choose BB Creams and CC Creams if you have oily skin with acne problems is that these formulas don’t block the pores like other cosmetics do, keep the moisturizing level of the skin, hide the imperfections and scars and have a mattifying effect. This type of skin needs a long-lasting foundation with a high coverage which also controls the sebum excess. Use a water-based, oil-free BB Cream or CC Cream, made of moisturizing and homogenizing agents, which improve the skin tone.

The water-based formulas with non-comedogenic ingredients are also perfect choices. Use one which is oil free, paraben free, silicone free and unscented. These ingredients or other irritating substances can cause serious damage to an acne invaded complexion. 


So, if you want to play safe all seasons, BB and CC Cream formulas can give you this option.


With love,