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7 golden rules for an impeccable complexion!

Charlotte Lacroix’s Blog

Everything you need to know

September 23rd, 2016

7 golden rules for an impeccable complexion!

Hi beautiful,

Life is not complicated if you know the steps to take it easy…so is the skincare. You don’t need to spend hours in the cosmetics shop and make endless tests with the latest products in the beauty industry in order to get that miraculous cream or serum that will make you forever young.

Just stay devoted to the cosmetic line that suits your skin perfectly and follow 7 simple rules in your daily beauty routine and you’ll get the impeccable look:

1. Wash your face before going to sleep

Dust, pollution, bacteria and make-up left on your skin over the night are your worst enemies. They will block the pores, will irritate the skin and they can also unleash the acne. Use a gentle cleanser made of natural elements with no foaming chemicals, like the one from the Red Tea Collection, to wash your face. The combination of Witch Hazel - a strong anti-oxidant and Aloe Vera - anti-irritant and moisturizer, will remove all make-up traces, impurities, oil excess or pollution and leave your skin perfectly clean, fresher, softer and more radiant.

2. Become obsessed with SPF

If you want to look young and fresh, stay away from the sun, in any possible way. Its radiations will dry, burn and add some more years to your skin. Use a SPF lotion before applying your day cream, no matter the season.

3. Get rid of stress from your life

Emotional cataclysms can damage your complexion and make you look older. The anxiety increases the cortisol level, a process that will destroy the collagen in the skin. Besides, it starts a chain reaction on your skin that will lead, eventually, to couperose and acne. Help your body to stop these destructive actions by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants.

4. Use retinol creams

When you choose an anti-aging beauty product, try to get a retinol based one. This ingredient accelerates the cellular renewal and increases the collagen level, having as a result the fading of the fine lines and spots. The Firming Day Cream from the Agran Stem Cells Collection uses Matrixyl® synthe'6, a powerful anti–wrinkle peptide, stimulating 6 major constituents of the skin matrix and the dermal–epidermal junction and ensuring an optimal architecture of the tissue, which is considered to be as effective against wrinkles as retinol, but less irritating.

5. Refresh your beauty ritual

Change at least one product in your beauty routine every half a year and your skin will visibly change its texture and elasticity. If you apply constantly the same product, after maximum one year, your skin will get used to it and won’t be stimulated anymore to change its aspect. Give it a boost switching the alpha-hydroxy acids based cream with the retinol cream or vice versa, twice a week.

6. Consume Omega-3 fat acids

They say that Omega 3 can make you smart and sexy. So, you have nothing to lose if you include them in your daily meal. Salmon, almonds, tuna (and many more delicious options) improve the hydration level of your organism and keep your skin tonus and elasticity at its best.

7. Workout

Physical activity is a plus. Women that sport regularly have a firmer skin. Physical activity increases the blood circulation to the skin generating more oxygen and nutrients which help skin to produce more collagen. Workout, run, ride a bicycle or walk 30 minutes every day and you’ll feel and look young and beautiful.

With love,