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6 essential beauty tips for sexy lips

Charlotte Lacroix’s Blog

Everything you need to know

September 8th, 2016

6 essential beauty tips for sexy lips

Hi beautiful,

You know you can conquer the world with a smile!

Women that smile a lot are even more loved. Even if they say that, at the first date, a guy will look into your eyes, actually, your lips are the first thing he will notice.

And there are many other more reasons why you should focus on your lips and treat them right. Since they are so important, they are very sensitive, as well. The skin on the lips is more delicate than the rest and more vulnerable to the aggressive factors.

The fluctuations in the atmospheric temperature, the sun, the wind, the frost, the inadequate cosmetics and vitamin deficiency can create damage and dry the lips making them crack and become unattractive and even painful.

Also, try to control the habits of licking them excessively or biting them when you are stressed and keep them away from the unpleasant effects mentioned above by following some easy tips in your daily beauty ritual…

  1. Moisturizers are essential. Keep the lips soft using a special lip balm or moisturizing cream reach in ingredients such as cocoa butter, A or E vitamins, Vaseline or dimeticone. Alpha hydroxy acids included in your lip balm would be a plus as they can calm and exfoliate already cracked lips. There’s no limit of use! If you prefer more natural remedies, go for coconut butter, honey or aloe vera gel, as moisturizing options.

  2. SPF is mandatory. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter. The beloved sun is more powerful than you think. Before applying the lipstick, apply a SPF lip balm that will keep your lips in the safe zone.

  3. Hydration rules in everything. Drink a lot of water! As much as you can! (you’ve already heard this a thousand times). And invest some money in a good humidifier in order to keep a constant 60% humidity in your room.

  4. No fluoride on your lips! I know, I know, this substance is usually used for teeth. This is actually the reason why I’m warning you: fluoride in your toothpaste can cause allergies with drying and irritating effects on your lips. 

  5. Vitamins are very important for your skin and for your lips. Make sure your organism assimilates enough of A, B, C and E vitamins and the right portion of essential fatty acids (EFA). If you lose their balance, your lips will let you know: you’ll see them slowly drying.

  6. Fruits and vegetables are your helping friends. Include as many as you can in your diet because this way you’ll keep the right PH and alkalinity on your body system and avoid a high level of acidity which can also damage your lips.


With love,