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5 skincare routine steps for your 20s

Charlotte Lacroix’s Blog

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March 3rd, 2016

5 skincare routine steps for your 20s

Hi beautiful,

When it comes to skincare, is very important to start taking care of your 20s for shining on your 30s. Word! Why, cause this way you will be that person that everyone will envy!

Everything is very easy if you follow the golden rule: practice makes us better, right? Well, we need to apply this rule in everything that defines us, including it in our daily skincare routine, as it’s always much easier to keep the skin looking young, healthy and glowing just by putting in practice few good habits.

Plus, stay tune, as I'm planning to share with you very insightful skin-care regimens for women in all their ages, starting with 20s, and in the next two weeks, I'll be following up with routines for women in their 30s, 40s, etc.

1.    CLEAN UP
Use a gentle cleanser gel that won’t dry out your skin but only remove the lovely mask of the make-up, excess oils, and the dirt that you end up with by the end of a crazy day and destroy acne-causing bacteria.

Plus, a good gentle cleanser will also help you to kill skin-damaging free radicals that float everywhere in the atmosphere, which will lead of course to premature lines, wrinkles, or even tired skin.

Pure radiance with the latest innovative easy to use hand-size face brush, applicable only together with the gentle cleanser gel to get rid of the layer of old skin cells and deeply penetrate the skin pores of your face. Waterproof smart device, made of body safe silicon material, which is your advantage as it can’t grow any bacteria, with 2 penetration levels to control the intensity of the vibrations and an intelligent fast USB chargeable system.

The result: the skincare products will be absorbed better and faster and you will get a visibly softer, brighter and more radiant skin. Let your skin glow!

No matter what your skin type is, you shouldn't never skip the moisturizing step in your daily skin care routine. Like you need water, you skin needs to be moisturized too. This important behavior will make your skin look healthy, as will deliver lots of benefits which will give you a smoother, softer, and fresher-looking skin.

And, don’t do the most common mistake and forget about your neck: apply a good portion of the moisturizer on your neck as well, as you’re only as young as your neck. Why? Because this skin part is having less bone structure to support the skin.

Tip: Your skin will be even more glowing, if you apply the moisturizer right after using the face brush peeling, as the hydrating ingredients will better penetrate the cells of a freshly exfoliated skin.

Your eyes area is the most sensitive skin as is of the thinnest on the body and ages the first, due to all the emotions faced through the eyes: smiling, crying, squinting and even rubbing them.

Keep your eyes young. Start with a lightweight eye cream in your early 20’s and continue with a moisture and active eye cream in your mid 20’s to keep the under eyes area hydrated and nourished in order to prevent premature puffiness, lines and wrinkles.

Don’t forget about the sunglasses that protect against UV rays, they are a must have for all your sunny days.

Let your skin breathe and shine! Close your daily routine with a natural CC cream option, which is a color corrector and will be lighter on your skin versus any other make-up. Plus, the CC Cream was specially designed to address most of the skin issues from dryness to redness while giving it a brighter tone for a concealed, glowing finish.

The result: you will get a long-wearing more natural makeup that helps correct, sooth, moisturize, protect and perfect the skin.

And the last very most important step: Don't overuse the anti-aging products. Not the time yet, just enjoy your beautiful and perfect young skin!

With love,