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5 reasons why you should include ice in your beauty ritual

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September 28th, 2016

5 reasons why you should include ice in your beauty ritual

Hi beautiful,

Since you’re preparing for the cold season, you should know that cold is not that bad for your skin…actually, it is very good when it’s well-dosed in ice cubes and used with the measure.

Because beauty is based on water and cold water can make miracles on your skin. When you’re tired, cold water refreshes your complexion, when you see fine lines, some cold water will make them fade away when your skin is irritated, the same cold water will have that calming effect on your sensitive areas…and here are more reasons why you should use ice in your beauty ritual:

It works as a facial toner

In the morning, massage your face with an ice cube. This cosmetic procedure will activate the blood circulation, will close the pores and will give freshness, light, and firmness to your complexion. Or you can use home-made orange juice ice cubes. Squeeze one orange and make ice cubes from this juice. This way, you’ll provide your skin a breakfast full of vitamins, as well. For a maximum effect, keep your Firming Day Cream, in the refrigerator and apply it on your face after the cold massage. Your skin will look rejuvenated, firmer and it will be more resistant to daily attacks, such as pollution, wind, and dust.

It reduces puffiness and dark circles

You only need one minute to make the fatigue disappear and refresh your skin. Ice has tightening and toning effects on your skin and it can easily fade the dark circles and reduce the puffy eyes symptoms. You can use the same trick from above, storing your Renewal Eye Cream, in the refrigerator. In time, you’ll see a visible improvement in the general skin firmness and a reduction of the signs of fatigue. Thanks to this precise final touch around your eyes, you will look more relaxed and refreshed!

Ice fights redness

Irritated skin areas are more difficult to cover with foundation and corrector but the ice trick might have better results. A gently massage with an ice cube will make spots and irritations fade and will make your complexion look softer and lighter. If you have acne problems, you can prepare some ice cubes of honey, water and some lemon juice. This iced lemonade will make miracles on your skin.

Use ice against fine lines

Being a good stimulating agent for the blood circulation, cellular oxygenation process, and skin nutrition, ice will make the existing fine lines disappear and will prevent the other from showing up on your face. For a maximum hydration, use ice cubes made of water with some honey and a few drops of olive oil. And for even better results, follow the ice ritual with your Rapid Lift solution from Charlotte Lacroix. The lines and wrinkles will diminish and the skin will be nourished and hydrated.

For a fresh and clean complexion

Probably, the first thing you will notice when using ice in your beauty ritual is the fresher, cleaner and smoother aspect of your face. Apply the ice treatment after you remove makeup and after you wash your face with the Gentle Cleanser. Your skin will look perfectly clean, fresher, softer and more radiant than before.


With love,