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5 must do beauty tricks in the morning

Charlotte Lacroix’s Blog

Everything you need to know

September 30th, 2016

5 must do beauty tricks in the morning

Hi beautiful,

They say that love is the perfect make-up of a woman. Still, in love or not, if you want to look at your best every day, there are some easy steps to follow in your morning beauty ritual.

Ice for your complexion

We’ve already talked about its benefits, so now you know. If you had a long night and you still feel tired in the morning, take an ice cube and massage your face with it in order to refresh your skin and to close the pores. Or you just can put some cold water, ice and slices of cucumber in a pot and sink your face for a few seconds. The ice trick works even better if you make ice cubes from green tea. They will give your complexion a dose of antioxidants and light.

Spoons for the eyes

Put two metal spoons in the refrigerator in the evening so you can use them as beauty tools in the morning. Because if you wake up with puffy eyes, the spoons placed on your eyelids for a few minutes will help you get rid of this annoying look.

Lip balm

Before proceeding to make-up, apply a rich amount of lip balm on your lips. Then start to make up your face, leaving the lipstick at the end. This way, the lip balm will have time to moisturize your lips and you’ll avoid the dry, chapped lips effect.

Mix and match

1. Eye cream + foundation. This mix will help you get rid of dark circles. First step – apply your eye cream around your eye area. Right before being completely absorbed by your skin, apply some foundation and mix them. Then continue to apply the foundation on your entire face and blend till you get that perfect, uniform look.

2. Illuminator + foundation. This is one of the oldest and the most popular tricks of makeup…because it’s fast, it’s easy and it really works. Blend 1/3 illuminator with 2/3 foundation and apply it on your face with a makeup sponge. This procedure will infuse your complexion with light and will make you shine like a star.

Cream blush

A pale complexion is not sexy at all. So if you feel your face doesn’t show enough energy and freshness, give your cheeks a color boost using a cream blush in the shade of roses. The best way to apply it is with your fingers. You can add just a little bit on your lips, over the lip balm, as well. You’ll look even younger and fresh!

With love,