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5 magic tricks against wrinkles and fine lines

Charlotte Lacroix’s Blog

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September 16th, 2016

5 magic tricks against wrinkles and fine lines

Hi beautiful,

Old habits die hard but new habits live more…and save you from the aging signs. There’s no magic tool that can erase your wrinkles with a simple touch but there are some rules to follow at home constantly which will really make miracles on your skin.

The signs of your happiness or of you sadness are clearly shown on your face, through the fine lines at the corner of your lips, around your eyes or on your forehead. This doesn’t mean you should stop laughing of expressing your feelings, but simply adopt a skin care routine which will help your skin to handle them.


The dead skin cells on your skin create a barrier which will stop the moisturizing agents to penetrate your skin, this way making it more vulnerable to the wrinkles attack. That’s why you should exfoliate your complexion twice a week, using a gentle cosmetic product or a home-made scrub with sugar and honey or salt and olive oil.

Moisturizing cream

If it’s not a matter of genetics, wrinkles usually show up on dehydrated skin. The drier and rough it is, the more wrinkles will come out. But you can fight against them with moisturizing cream. Apply it in the morning and in the evening on moist skin. This way, it will fill the fine lines and will make them fade.

Primer before foundation

A primer will prepare your skin for makeup, making it look soft and fading the wrinkles. Use one with sparkling particles which will reflect the light and hide the fine lines. Then apply the liquid foundation, which will perfectly blend in your skin imperfections. Avoid using compact powder because it can emphasize your wrinkles.


This spoiling ritual always helps. In this situation, get used to massage you face daily, with a small amount of rich cream. Start from your forehead, continue with the eyes area and go down to the area around your lips. This habit will provide you a fresh look.


This time not in your cup, but on your face. Treat your skin with an important dose of caffeine which will boost its energy level, making it look more firm and fresh. Moist a cotton pad in coffee and apply it on the areas invaded by wrinkles. After 15 minutes, rinse with water. You’ll see less of fine lines and more of light.


With love,