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5 fake skin care myths: What you thought is right, is actually wrong!

Charlotte Lacroix’s Blog

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October 7th, 2016

5 fake skin care myths: What you thought is right, is actually wrong!

Hi beautiful,

If you think you know everything about your daily beauty routine, you still should check twice the information you have. 

Because not everything it is what it seems to be. Advertising, friends, internet…everywhere there are so many beauty pieces of advice which became, in time, basic rules in skin care. But did you ever think that some of them might not be true?

Here are 5 frequent skin care myths which are actually wrong:

Oily skin doesn’t need moisturizing crèmes

Totally wrong! Even if it’s difficult to believe, oily skin can dehydrate as easily as the dry skin. The sebum which comes out to the surface of the skin doesn’t guarantee the hydration. This process is based more on the epidermal renewal, once every 28 days. Actually, the hyaluronic acid is the main element which keeps the skin hydrated. If you have oily skin, during the moisturizing ritual, you should use hydroxy-acids based crèmes and serums which neutralize the sebum, together with cosmetic products that stimulate the skin cells to produce hyaluronic acid.

You don’t need SPF on a cloudy day

Fake! UV radiations get down on Earth even on a cloudy day, that’s why you need to wear protection every day, no matter the season. And don’t even think that SPF makeup products will keep the sun away from your skin.

Makeup can cause acne

There is no official study stating that makeup cause acne. Makeup products are made from compounds which cannot be absorbed by the skin pores and they remain at the surface of the skin. That’s why it’s difficult to say if they can produce this kind of cosmetic problems. Though, if you skip the makeup remove process in the evening, your complexion might be damaged… and not only by acne.

Clean your face and the acne will fade away

No way! You might even make it worse. If you’ll insist on removing makeup or exfoliation, using pressure, your skin will become even more irritated. Bacteria responsible for acne lives deep into the skin and that’s why cleaning the surface of the skin won’t solve this problem. This kind of skin needs cosmetic cleansing lotions with salicylic acid, which deeply cleans the skin or benzoyl peroxide based lotions, with antibacterial effects.  

Hot water dilates the pores, cold water closes them

Wrong again! Pores are not thermosensitive. Hot water leads to vasodilatation and temporary edemas. This way, the skin pores become dilated and more visible. Cold water has the reverse effect. But these processes last only seconds and they don’t influence the characteristics of the skin.

With love,