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5 essential oils your skin will love!

Charlotte Lacroix’s Blog

Everything you need to know

September 29th, 2016

5 essential oils your skin will love!

Hi beautiful,

Women have always been searching for natural ways to improve their natural beauty. That’s why the cosmetic products based on natural ingredients are more popular in women’s beauty cases and that’s how they discovered even more concentrated substances that can make the skin glow.

Some essential oils are the magic potions for a beautiful skin.

Jojoba oil

Extracted from Simmondsia chinensis seeds, from South Arizona and Mexico, jojoba oil is a perfect skin texture regenerating agent. Rich in E and F vitamins and minerals which prevent the aging process and rebuild the natural PH of the skin, the jojoba oil looks more like liquid wax than like oil. With a structure and a texture similar with the ones of the sebum produced by the human body in order to protect the skin and keep it moisturized, this oil becomes very useful for healing eczemas, psoriasis and even burned skin.

Sweet almond oil

Almonds, besides being very tasty, are also very healthy and rich in A, B and E vitamins. The emollient oil comes from the cold pressed almond seeds and it can easily heal and care the dry skin, leaving it soft and moisturized.

Hazelnut oil

Oleic acid (omega 9), A vitamin and E vitamin are the main substances that make the hazelnut oil the essential beauty product for the dry and dull skin. It is a perfect nutrition and moisturizing element, it heals and soothes the skin and even makes the stretch marks fade. It is definitely a keeper in the cosmetic case for the mature skin care.

Wheat germ oil

Used not only for the skin but also in healthy diets, for its regenerating and nutritional properties, being an energy booster for the organism, the wheat germ oil is a rich natural source of E vitamin. That’s the reason why the skin absorbs it in an instant, becoming firmer and more difficult to be overwhelmed by the external enemies. It prevents the aging process and the stretch marks, it heals wounds and burns and it is a natural toning lotion for the mature skin.

 Extra virgin olive oil

This oil is a rich moisturizer for skin, hair, and scalp, it makes wrinkles fade away and prevent the new ones from forming and, most important, it works on any type of skin, even on the sensitive skin of the babies. Even in the summer, applied before and after sun it will prevent the dehydration of the skin and will reduce the risk of burning. You can also use it as a lip balm.


With love,