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5 deadly weapons against cold weather allergies!

Charlotte Lacroix’s Blog

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September 26th, 2016

5 deadly weapons against cold weather allergies!

Hi beautiful,

Did you check the weather before going out, this morning?

Summer is fading away, switching places with the cold season, which is not so friendly with your skin. If, until yesterday, you only had to apply SPF and drink a lot of water, starting today, you’ll need protection and nourishing formulas on your complexion… besides some extra tricks included in your lifestyle.

Because the lower temperatures and the wind can cause real damage to your skin, I recommend you to use 5 invincible weapons that will softly kill any allergy to the cold season.

1. Start your day with a big glass of water

Give up on coffee for water. Or, just postpone the coffee ritual for an hour. The first thing you should do in the morning is to drink 500 ml of water at the room temperature, adding a teaspoon of honey or some fresh ginger. During the night, you can dehydrate and a big glass of water on an empty stomach will reestablish your hydration level to the epidermis. 

2. Choose the right face cream

All the dermatologists recommend you to change your face cream every six months. If you’ll use the same product more than half a year, your skin will get used to its ingredients and the same formula won’t have the same results anymore. That’s why, during the winter, you should use more rich creams, based on A, C and E vitamins, because they can build a barrier against cold weather.

3. Use a cream foundation…or a CC cream

Especially if your skin is dry, it will be extremely happy with a creamy foundation. The emollient ingredients will provide your complexion some extra hydration and nutrition. The CC Cream Light from the Red Tea Collection is a very good option for this season that will moisturize, correct, soothe, protect and perfect your skin. The Shea Butter in this makeup product is a rich source of antioxidants that help the skin inhibits the oxidization of skin cells, while the rosemary and chamomile extract reduces any inflammation or sign of allergy the skin may have.

And a tip: because these formulas are rich in moisturizing and nourishing ingredients which can have an influence on your skin tone, it will be better to apply small amounts of product, using a wet makeup sponge. 

4. Stay on an Omega 3 diet

Even if you’ve heard this before, don’t stop eating fish, sunflower oil or oilseed rape, hazelnuts, nuts and any type of food rich in omega 3 fat acids. This way, your skin will benefit plenty of vitamins and a good level of hydration.

5. Avoid hot showers or relaxing hot baths

When you take a really hot bath, your pores dilate and your skin loses too much water. You’d better take a warm shower, using delicate liquid shower creams which don’t remove aggressively the oil from your skin. Then apply a moisturizing face cream and body lotion on your wet skin. Your entire body will look nice and soft.

Now you’re ready for the cold season!


With love,