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10 weird beauty tricks that actually really work

Charlotte Lacroix’s Blog

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September 9th, 2016

10 weird beauty tricks that actually really work

Hi beautiful,

You’ve seen many of your beauty addicted girlfriends willing to try almost everything in order to achieve their beauty goals, from coffee grounds body scrubs, to sliced cucumber lying on their face and even chili on the lips.

It might sound weird and even unappealing but, sometimes, a woman’s got to do what a woman’s got to do. Because these unusual treats really have the right effects. Actually, there’s no surprise for anybody, as long as even the beauty industry uses them in order to create innovative products. And there are more…

Here’s a list of 10 weird beauty tricks that really work. Do this at home!

  1. When you use mascara, keep a plastic spoon under your eye. This way you will prevent the small particles of mascara to fall on your face and ruin your whole effort of applying all the makeup layers for a porcelain complexion look.

  2. When you create the cat-eye by yourself, it’s not easy to get that catwalk look. Still, it’s not impossible. First, use an eyeliner pencil to draw the line – it is easier to control and to remove when the line it’s not well done – then apply the liquid eyeliner for that desired intense effect.

  3. Full and sexy lips only need a spicy boost. Mix a few drops of olive oil with some chili powder and apply this mixture on your lips, for 2 minutes. You’ll love the result!

  4. Puffy eyes can be treated with potatoes. Use two slices of potato on each eye, let them lay there minimum 5 minutes…and you’re done. The starch in potato is a good stimulus for the lymphatic system, relaxing, this way, the area around the eyes.

  5. When your mascara got dry and you were caught by surprise, sink it in hot water. This way, the wax contained in mascara will melt, allowing you to use the product again.

  6. Coffee is the most aggressive cellulite enemy. It is true. Take the coffee grounds from your morning espresso and give yourself that massage I was telling you about at the beginning of this story. Caffeine is as powerful in stimulating the metabolic process of the skin as an expensive anti-cellulite cream.

  7. When, for some reasons, your complexion is invaded by irritations and acne, use a simple home-made mask with aspirin and water. Salicylic acid has an antiseptic effect on acne and will remove any sign of irritation, leaving your skin fresh and smooth. 

  8. Do you need a heavy-duty moisturizer for your hair? Take the mayonnaise from the fridge and put it on your head, not on your plate. I know it sounds really weird, but if you’ll cover your hair with a shower cap and you’ll stay like this for 20 minutes, the heating effect will help the nutrients go deeply into your hair structure, leaving it really shiny.

  9. Your nail polish gives you troubles by launching a bubbling attack while you apply it on your nails? Maybe it’s because you kept it for too long in high temperatures. Put it in the fridge one hour before you start to use it and its texture will become more flexible.

  10. Sometimes it seems very difficult, even impossible, to remove glitter from your nails. Don’t panic! Moisten some cotton pads in nail polish remover, place them on your nails and cover your fingers with aluminum foil. After 5 minutes your job will become very simple.


With love,